When Does Bass Fishing Season Start?

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All anglers look forward to getting their gear out before the fishing season starts. This year, you can plan a fishing adventure to catch bass. Anglers can be well-prepared if they know when bass fishing season starts. Get to know which months will be the start of the fishing season for bass.

When Does Bass Fishing Season Start?

Bass fishing season starts in early spring as that is when the bass begin to come up from the depths of lakes and other water bodies. Anglers can catch bass all year round, and winters are also a good time to enjoy this thrilling sport. However, this fish species is most commonly caught from early spring till late fall in America.

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Everyone can enjoy bass fishing in different ways during different months. In March and April, bass are hungry after the low-feeding winter season and therefore, they bite sharp and fast. Anglers love this time of the year because it becomes easy to hook a fish and it puts up a long, and tiring fight! May is also a great month to plan a fishing trip to a lake near you.

Where to Find Bass in Different Seasons

Anglers should understand how the bass lifecycle works and how water temperatures play a role in finding schools of fish, ready to bite into any lure that you present at different times of the year. If you know the best time to fish for this fierce species, you will be able to locate big bass, ready to get caught. The four seasons for bass are:

  • Winters when they swim less and save their energy
  • Spring when they come up to eat as much as they can
  • Prepare to spawn and remain in hidden spots to lay eggs and take care of fry
  • Fall season, when they again feed hungrily and swim close to the surface

Bass will swim in water with temperatures between 65⁰ Fahrenheit and 85⁰ Fahrenheit. In winter, they go deeper into the dark places of the lake, and do not consume much food while they reduce their movement as well.

Bass Fishing Lures During Various Seasons

Since March is not warm in many northern states, you may find bass near the surface in late April or May. If you are fishing near New York or higher in the country, the bass season can be as late as May! In the southern states of Louisiana and Florida, the fishing season starts early March. Hungry bass are ready to bite into topwater or spinner baits. Crank baits may work better in cooler waters.

Summer is spawning season for bass so anglers can try casting baits with sinkers to reach greater depths in the lake. Slow-moving plastic worms with weights and beads can attract bass. Fishing for bass in summer using frog lures, lizards, and flies is good. The real food imitation is what works best.

Fall season again means fierce and hungry feeding, which improves your chances of catching numerous bass fish. All kinds of lures work in this season because bass will go anywhere to bite into an attractive little fish moving along the water.

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Bass Fishing Season Timings

Every state and the regional fishing spot has schedules for anglers to follow. If you are in Wisconsin, or plan to visit a lake there, you will have to know the fishing seasons for bass in the state. All other states also follow specific schedules for the well-being of the bass population.

Some Related Questions

Many anglers ask questions about the best time of the year to fish for bass. You can learn more about this sport by getting to know what experts say.

What Month Are Bass Most Active?

Bass are most active during early spring and fall. However, summer is also a good time to target bass as they are spawning and need to feed on small fish. Anglers can catch bass within a short time in spring and fall.

When Does Bass Season Open in New York?

Bass season opens in June and lasts till November according to the directives of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The state allows anglers to catch bass during these months in an endeavor to conserve and protect bass.

What Month Is Best for Catching Bass?

April and May are the best months for bass. The northern states are colder, however, during April and May, this fish comes up to eat heavily before going deep in the lake again to spawn.


When does bass fishing season start? To know the answer you must know what kind of water temperatures are suited for this fish species, and when it feeds aggressively. Bass fishing is an adventurous sport and you can enjoy it if you know when to find more fish out there.