When Is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic?

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All kinds of sports and hobbies must be celebrated and all enthusiasts should be able to see how the pros practice and what they recommend. Bass anglers look forward to events that help them learn more about this sport. When is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic? Get to know so you can upgrade your skill.

When Is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic?

The Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic is a 17-day event that begins around late February and goes until March at all the Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela in North America. You can see all kinds of fishing equipment, learn techniques, see the boats and even live demonstrations to understand bass fishing.

A person in a blue jacket holds a black and red fishing rod with a black reel fishing in a lake

This annual event is a great way to learn all things related to fishing. Novice anglers who aim to catch bass get to enjoy all kinds of angling fun such as demonstrations, sales, boat rides, tips from experts, family fun, and games with prizes for winners.

Equipment for Sale

There are so many things that you can do at the event, and bass anglers love to buy the right equipment on sale. This annual event is like the once-a-year supermarket where everything is recommended by experts.

You can find rods, reels, suitable lines, and lures at this event, and each of these things will be for sale. Furthermore, you can see experts select the equipment of choice and fish for bass in a tank to give a live demonstration of how to use the right rig. While doing so, you get the free treasure of advice, tips, and a visual of the best ways to fish.

Some of the sale attractions that visitors enjoy the most are:

  • Bass Pro Shops Sale that allows price cuts of up to $100
  • Kayak angling experience with professionals
  • Big discounts on tackle boxes and fishing rigs
  • Family events and tank shows
  • CLUB membership and bigger discounts and more events to attend

The Events of This Fishing Gala

This annual event is organized at the time of the year when bass fishing months begin and that is why many enthusiastic and entry-level anglers are in the mood to learn more about catching this fiery fish. You can collect the expert-recommend rig and get to be a part of various events.

The events of this fair, or gathering include boat rides, along with demonstrations of how to set up a boat for bass fishing. Moreover, families and children can enjoy kayak riding. Anglers who wish to make the fishing season their time of victory can enjoy the demonstrations from experts to get a tutorial on how to catch the predator fish while enjoying the sport.

The classic fishing event is for anglers who wish to target this fierce predator fish, and are open to receiving suggestions from experts. This annual event can be a great way to get into the fishing gear at the start of the bass fishing season.

The Donations Network

The Bass Pro Shops network encourages old anglers to donate their equipment so that new anglers can buy them at a lower price. Moreover, the donors receive trade-in savings that they can use to buy something else from the event.

Two men wearing jackets and shorts riding a brown wooden boat fishing in a lake

In the past years, this scheme has allowed this shop network in America and Cabela’s in Canada to donate more than 400,000 outdoor products to nonprofit organizations that work to conserve nature and bring people closer to it as a way of working for the natural environment and preserving nature.

The shopping network has set an example and simultaneously given anglers a platform to learn more about fishing. When the visitors see demonstrations and boat set-ups, they enjoy it and learn so much about this sport.

Some Related Questions

Many anglers and fishing enthusiasts ask questions related to this network of fishing shops in the country. You can learn more about the event and the organizer by seeing what people ask.

Is Spring Fishing Classic the Same as Bass Pro Fair?

No, this event is an annual event that gives anglers an opportunity to learn and indulge in various fun activities. The Bass Pro Fair is another event that is similar to this event for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. However, it is a celebration of the shop network’s anniversary each year that is held in one location only.

Where Is the Event Held Each Year?

This event occurs at all the Bass Pro Shop outlets in America and Canada. However, the Canadian bass fishing season begins later, and therefore, the event is also held at the end of March or the beginning of April. You can be a part of this event in various locations.


Many anglers interested in targeting the fierce and energetic fish species ask, when is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic? The answer is that this event occurs every year in Spring and it brings along many events, sales, and fun activities for members and families.