When Is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?

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Bass fishing is not difficult, considering the fish are typically willing to take the bait. However, understanding their behavior can help you make the most of the little time on your hands. This list of behaviors includes the perfect time to fish them. So, when is the best time to fish for bass?

When Is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?

Generally speaking, the best time of the day you can go out to fish for bass is in the early mornings or late evenings. So, ideally, you want to set out either at dawn, before the sun fully rises, or at dusk, when the sun has set.

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These times are ideal because they offer low light conditions which are more suitable for bass. Bass has adapted to hunt and feed in low-light environments. This means that your best shot at getting them to take a bite at your bait is in similar conditions.

Your chances of catching big bass are increased when you know the ideal time of day to fish for them. You can easily determine the lures that give you the best results. Within 24 hours, there are four ideal periods for bass fishing.

Here is a list of these periods and tips on how to maximize them:

Early Morning

You want to set out early in the morning to maximize the fading darkness. Around dawn, just before the sun is out, bass is out hunting. You can take advantage of this period by using baitfish like shiners and minnows.

You can also use artificial lures like plugs and topwater poppers for fishing along the vegetation and the shoreline if you prefer artificial lures.

Late Evening

Towards sunset, as it gets darker, bass will be out again. They will want to use the favorable low light conditions to hunt. Just like in the morning, you can also try topwater lures, especially in summer, except when it is unusually cold. In cold conditions, bass swims deeper and can get lazy.

However, you will have to determine the retrieval speeds that are most effective where you fish. This is because of the varying retrieval speeds that draw in bass from one location to another.


Nightime is also an excellent time to go fishing for bass. This is because of the darkness and reduced presence of anglers. Bass also tend to feed more heavily at night than during the day. Remember that bass feed in low light conditions and not total darkness. So you should have a source of dim light when fishing. However, very cold and dark nights may prove unproductive.

Best Time of the Year to Fish for Bass

The behavior of bass varies as the seasons’ change. This means that the most ideal time of day to fish them can slightly vary depending on the weather conditions. Here is how bass behaves across the various seasons:


Winter can be a pretty challenging time to go fishing for bass because of the cold. The prime time to go bass fishing during winter would typically be in the afternoon. This is because the air and water temperature are highest around that time of the day, encouraging more activity.

You also want to pay attention to water heating patterns. Continuous rising water temperatures are a good indicator of increasing bass activity.


Bass is mostly inactive during winter and barely feed. By spring, the weather becomes warmer and bass are out to recover lost energy. An ideal time to go bass fishing during spring is late afternoon and early evening. The weather and the water are typically warmer around this time.

This time of the day also provides the low light conditions that bass find the ideal for hunting and feeding. However, early on in the spring, it might be preferable to fish for bass in the afternoon.

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Summer is the best season to fish bass, as bass are usually very active after their spawning. The prime time to bass fish during summer would be dawn and dusk. During these times, the water is cooler and the light intensity is lower.

During summer, bass tends to feed heavily on nights with a full moon. It is best to avoid fishing for bass on the days following a full moon.


By fall, bass is preparing for winter again. The foremost time to fish would be early in the evening when the water is still warm and the sunlight has reduced sufficiently. You can attract them with lures like:

  • Jerkbaits
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Crankbaits, and
  • Swimbaits

Related Questions

Is Fishing for Bass Better in the Morning or Afternoon?

Fishing for bass is better in the morning during spring and summer, except on days after a full moon. While in spring and fall, bass fishing is better in the late afternoon.

What Attracts Bass the Most?

Baits like minnows, shad, or shiners are some of the best attractants for bass in terms of bait, especially if they are alive. They are highly versatile too.


With this valuable insight, you can change your approach to fishing bass and maximize your time. You can fish bass all-year round as long as you understand the best times to go fishing.