When Is the Best Time to Bass Fish in Florida

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Florida has gained a reputation for being one of the best locations for fishing the largemouth bass. This is because the abundant freshwater lakes and great weather in Florida support the growth rate of bass all year round. So, when is the best time to bass fish in Florida?

When Is the Best Time to Bass Fish in Florida?

The best time of the year to bass fish in Florida is spring. Spring is typically when Bass starts to spawn. During this period, they move away from their winter hideout in the deeper parts of the ponds and rivers to establish their beds in shallow water.

While you can bass fish all year long in Florida, certain times are better than others. Bass typically start to spawn as early as February till May in the spring, with March and April being the peak months.

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Why Is Spring the Best Time to Bass Fish in Florida?

As winter ends and the weather changes and becomes warmer, the bass start moving to shallow water to prepare for the spawning period. They start hunting shad and other baitfish moving to the shallow water. You can easily catch them at the mouth of creeks and rivers at this time.

While the bass is spawning, they set their beds in shallow water. During this period, the male bass becomes extremely aggressive as they defend their beds. The female bass, on the other hand, will roam around to feed. This means they are more likely to take the bait, making them easier to fish.

This makes spring an excellent time to use buzz baits in shallow areas where they are lurking around covers like docks, weeds, lily pads, and fallen trees. You can use soft plastics and jigs when fishing around deeper areas.

What Is the Best Time of the Day in Spring for Bass Fish in Florida?

The water is usually warmer during the spring, about 55 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the bass will be closer to cover to stay away from the hot sun. However, the time of the day is not too significant when it comes to fishing the largemouth bass.

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In the morning, the fish go a bit deeper because the water is usually cooler. However, towards the middle of spring to the ending of spring, the water starts getting warmer even in the morning, causing the bass to stay closer to the surface around the cover.

Generally speaking, the best time to bass fish during spring in Florida is in the late morning. This is because the water starts to get warmer but not too hot to force the fish to go deeper. It also ensures that the bass is active and stays away from the cover. You can also go bass fishing at night when the water cools.

Tips for Bass Fishing in Florida

Bass fishing can be tough. Beyond understanding the best time for bass fishing, you need to understand how best to fish for bass. Here are a few tips to help you with bass fishing:

Stay Close to Cover

You want to set your lure where the bass is. The perfect way to do this is to find cover where you are fishing, set your lure, and wait for a bite.

Use Realistic Baits

When fishing for bass, ensure that your baits that are realistic and seasonal. You generally want to go baits with a touch of red. The bass are more likely to take a bite, thinking the bait is injured.

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Skip Your Bait

When casting, instead of following through, stop halfway. This way, the lure skitter over the surface of the water a few feet before your target. This is particularly useful when you need to get under a dock or other similar structure.

Use the Wind to Your Advantage

Bass usually swim with the water current. So if you fish facing the wind, it will be easier for the bass to locate your bait before getting to where your boat is located. The noise that the water makes against your hull is also carried away.

Do Not Keep Your Bait Still

Bass are stubborn fish. They may be reluctant to take a bite. To entice them, you have to keep tapping at your bait. This allows the bass to view the bait from different angles before taking a bite.

Related Questions

What Lures Catch the Biggest Bass?

Jigs are the lures that catch the biggest bass. This is often because they are weedless and can get into almost anywhere. The larger the lure, the larger the bass you are likely to catch.

What Attracts Bass Fish?

Bass has a wide range of diets. This means you have to use lures that mimic their usual prey like shad, minnows, shinners, and crawfish.


Understanding how the weather impacts the behavior of bass can help you catch them more effortlessly. Bass move closer to shallow waters to feed and prepare for spawning. This is what makes spring the best time to go bass fishing.