When Is Pre Spawning for Bass Fishing?

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Bass fishing can become an adventure to remember if you know when to plan a trip for some big fish. Bass enthusiasts should know when is pre spawning for bass fishing, which can be a fruitful period if you are looking for some success in the number of catches.

When Is Pre Spawning for Bass Fishing?

Pre spawning for bass fish is the time before the fish moves to their beds to lay eggs. This period coincides with the spring season when the temperature of the water is between 55°F and 68°F. This season varies with geographical locations.

Woman showing off her bass catch during their pre spawning period

The temperature of the water and the weather conditions play a vital role in bass fishing. Anglers must know when this season is, so that when they head out for some bass fishing adventures, they remember it for years. That is how successful a trip at the right time can be.

How to Find Pre Spawn Locations for Bass Fishing

Pre spawn locations can be any place where the water is shallow and warmer than the rest of the lakes. Freshwater bass swims to shallow areas to feed. The water temperature is favorable here, and the bass is closer to the surface. When anglers throw the lure in the water, a strong bite will be quick to follow.

The best pre spawn location for bass is beneath boat docks, creek channels, brush piles, and ditches in the lakes. If you find a part of the lake that covers two of these places in one, that will be the ideal spot. These spots are a temporary stop for bass as they move to warmer deep waters when they lay eggs.

  • Map study is essential to locate bass and good contour maps can save your time in trying out different areas
  • If the water is clear, the depth of pre spawn areas can be around 20 to 30 feet
  • If the water is muddy and unclear, the favorable area to find bass will be at a depth of five to 15 feet
  • Bass fish tend to stage on shallow areas leading to deeper, and warmer areas

Is Pre Spawn Season Good for Bass Fishing?

The season before bass fish is ready to reproduce can be the best season to fish for bass as the species feeds heavily during this period, and moves closer to the surface because the water is warmer than it was throughout the long winters. This period can be the best time to fish some giant bass.

In lakes and ponds, bass cannot leave the water to migrate to warmer places in the ocean, however, they move to the depth of the water. This means that catching bass in winter can be tough. When spring season arrives, the pre spawn period begins and the bass becomes more accessible for anglers as it swims up to the surface.

Person holding a bass fish

Bait to Use for Pre Spawning Period

During this period, the best bait for a quick bass catch are jigs, stick bait, shakey heads, and crankbaits. Jigs are big, and can get the attention during pre spawn when the bass is ready to bite strong, and quickly. Even if you leave the lure on the water surface without much movement, bass fish will get attracted.

Shakey heads are similar to jigs and you will only need to move them enough to shake the tail of the worm. When the bass is in shallow waters, the natural movement of the shakey head will be a way to ensure that a bite is coming up.

Crankbaits are suitable for deep water bass fishing. However, this lure can be an excellent way to attract bass that has recently moved to shallow lake areas. Lipless crankbait can be lowered to the bottom and moved up to imitate a yoyo movement. Bass fish is bound to come near it and bite.

Related Questions

Anglers may have various questions about the various fishing periods, and how they can maximize catches to benefit from it. Whether you’re fishing in NJ, or any part of the city, the more you know, the better it is because once you park the boat to fish for bass, every tip and trick will get you to a bigger catch.

How Do You Get Early Pre Spawning Bass?

You can get early pre spawning bass by locating the right staging area. If there is a shallow spot with grass or in the shadows of boats, you may have found the right location. Use lures to maximize your chance of catching bass as it feeds heavily during this period.

How Do You Know When Bass Spawn?

You can know when bass is ready for laying eggs by the water temperature. When the water temperature increases after winter and it gets too cold, the bass moves out of the wintering areas (deeper lake areas where they spend their winter months) and move to shallow waters to feed. During summer, bass fish find a clear nesting area in warm waters.


Pre spawning for bass fish is a good time to catch the species as it moves out of the deep wintering areas to shallow waters. Bass feeds heavily during pre spawn, and anglers can take advantage of the strong bite by using the correct lure bait.