Where to Fish for Bass in the Fall?

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Anglers love to look for adventurous times, seasons, and even fish species that would give them a strong fight. Bass anglers are often hungry for thrills and to find hungry fish, they often ask about where to fish for bass in the fall season.

Where to Fish for Bass in the Fall?

The shallow areas in lakes and reservoirs are the best place to find bass in the fall season. You will find many fish in these locations because they are hungry after spawning, and need to eat more so that they can live through the approaching winters.

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Fall is the best time to catch bass because they are ready to get caught! After spending summer in hidden spots where the female bass laid eggs and the male was guarding them and fry, this fish species come back to the surface to feed aggressively on the small bait fish near the surface.

Bass are cruising around shallow areas in the water because that is where their food is! If you fish for bass in the fall, look for places where the water is shallow and there are weeds, and small plants. Small bait comes to these shallow waters because they are warmer during this season, and bass follow.

Locating Bass by Water Temperatures

Bass is a cold blooded fish that needs to remain in moderate temperatures to remain active. In the fall, the water temperatures drop and this fish species is hungry for food because it has to prepare for winter when they go to the bottom of the lake and hardly move to save their energy.

Look for areas in the lake where the sun shines all day and due to less depth the water is warmer than in other spots. The moderate water temperature for bass is between 65⁰ Fahrenheit and 85⁰ Fahrenheit. Anglers who have fish finders and other technology can find these spots easily.

Bass feed on small fish, and what do small fish feed on? Look for places where there are weeds and plants as these places will be warmer, and the small bait fish will be feeding on the weeds. Some of the common places where you can find this fish species in the fall include

  • Around ledges
  • Drop offs of canals
  • Lake edges
  • Rocky spots
  • Muddy areas with weeds

Locating Bass by Birds in the Air

One very successful way of locating fish without the use of technology is to follow the birds. If you see a few birds circling in the air over a particular lake spot, that’s where you should be. Go to the edge of the spot and cast your lure, and a quick catch will be possible.

Birds circle the air where they can see small fish in the water. Like these birds above these bait fish, predator fish are often lurking around to get more food. Anglers can look for places to fish from a distance by allowing the birds to guide them.

Some Famous Fall Fishing Spots

Anglers planning to make the most of their fishing adventures can plan a trip in the fall season, and pick from the famous spots where this fish species are found in abundance. The landscape and the plantation in these lakes are suitable for fall fishing.

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Some Related Questions

Anglers who are new to bass fishing might have a lot of questions regarding the different kinds of gear, fishing techniques, and even the best spots within a lake in the fall. You can learn many things and gain more knowledge about fishing during this season by seeing what others ask.

Do I Need Special Lures for the Fall Fishing Season?

Yes, many lures work better in the fall and anglers can benefit by using the lures that guarantee more fish to catch. You can use crankbaits, jigs, and plastic worms to catch these fish and there will most probably be many successful catches because whatever you present to the hungry fish, it will bite.

What Do Bass Eat in the Fall?

This fish will eat anything that looks and moves like a live creature. However, anglers should try and use lures that look like small fish that are available to bass in the fall. These lures can look like minnows, shad, crawfish, and worms. If you use frogs and lizards, there might be delays in the catch because these creatures are found in the summer season.


Anglers looking for the right places to find bass in the fall should know what kind of temperature and water depth will be suitable for bass to feed on smaller fish in the fall. Look for the right places and enjoy some big catches. Make the most of your fishing adventures in the fall by using the right lures.