Why Is Bass Fishing So Hard?

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One sport that all anglers dream of is bass fishing. The fighting fish, and the resistance is not the only reason why catching this kind of fish is hard. Why is bass fishing so hard? Find out all about it and make sure your fishing trip is more exciting, and successful.

Why Is Bass Fishing So Hard?

Bass fishing is hard because the fish species are becoming more aware of the lures, and fishing techniques so they steer clear. Moreover, there has been a rapid decline in the number of fish in the waters, which means it will be harder to catch bass quickly.

Three pieces of oven-cooked sea bass were placed in a black metal container on the table

A few decades back, fishing for bass was limited to a few states and there were not many fishermen who caught fish for consumption. Ever since bass has become a menu item like baked bass in many eateries, there has been an exponential increase in the fishing companies that catch bass for my consumption.

Increase in Commercial Fishing for Bass

It is a simple demand and supply rule that applies to the bass population in lakes, and rivers in America. Many anglers catch this species for thrill and adventure, however, the biggest portion of fish from a lake goes to the companies that catch bass to supply various food services.

Bass is becoming a popular seafood item because

  • It tastes better
  • It has low-fat content which makes it a good choice for health conscious people
  • It does not smell fishy and therefore people enjoy it

Bass Are Reducing in Number

In the past, there were many reservoirs where bass were bred and they grew in number. There were many habitats of bass fish and anglers could identify them easily. The catch rate began to reduce when the catch and release for this fish were dropping and people began bagging the fish to take home.

There have been government efforts to restore bass population, however, many of the catch and release fish do not survive because of injuries or insensitive unhooking from anglers. These fish are the ones that were not too clever and fell for the bait.

Bass Are Becoming Sharper

These fish that get caught easily are removed from the gene pool and the more alert ones that are hard to catch keep reproducing more alert and smart fish! Anglers may try all kinds of tactics and techniques, and bass will know that they cannot bite into the lures.

It was observed in various research that when anglers present lures to fish bass in a particular lake or pond, they get to know that it is a trap and stop biting. However, when fishing was not allowed for a few months, the bass forgot about artificial lures and hooks and the bite rate shot up again.

Are Anglers Catching Some Bass Types More Than Others?

In the research for Conservation of Bass by understanding genetic diversity of bass, the Yale University revealed that identifying the various kinds of bass is essential in conserving them. In many reservoirs and in lakes, anglers catch bass and believe that they are Largemouth or any other type of species.

A man wearing a brown and green camouflage jacket and blue denim pants holds a blue fishing rod near a lake

However, it can be that the type of bass caught is a particular species and the anglers do not pay attention that they may be overfishing a particular species, causing the number to reduce drastically. Even if reservoirs and fish farms add to the breeding of bass, the number of bass caught is increasing and making it harder to catch bass.

Some Related Questions

If you have been wondering how hard bass fishing has become, you may be able to understand the reasons by reading expert replies to questions about this sport and the challenges of catching bass.

Are Bass Difficult to Catch?

Bass are some of the most energetic and feisty fish that are difficult to catch because of the fight they put up when they get hooked. Moreover, some bass are big enough to make it hard to retrieve them easily and anglers have to skilfully get them on the boat.

How Smart Are Bass?

Many researches have shown that bass are smarter than most species. This implies that while some fish may come up to bite an attractive lure, this species will be careful, and if there are many anglers targeting them in one place, they will not bite and it will be hard to catch even one!

What Can Anglers Do to Make Bass Bite?

Adding smell, noise, and natural movement to the lure, and using an invisible line and hidden hook can help improve the chances of a bite. There are numerous brands that manufacture luminous, and imitation lures that mimic real fish and some have added smell to entice bass.


Bass fishing is getting harder because of the increase in commercial fishing for food which has caused a decrease in the population. Moreover, many fish do not survive the catch and release by recreational anglers. Efforts are being made to conserve bass populations by identifying their genetics and seeing which type of bass is overfished.